WFSM Launches New Site

WFSM is pleased to announced that its website has been revamped.  While it may not look very different from the original, many new features have been added to make it easier to update and add new content.  The site has moved from static html files to a Content Management System, which will allow the site administrators to manage the site through a web interface (without having to install special software). This will also allow WFSM members to post their own content through the same web interface.

Further, WFSM will introduce blogging to its site.  Blogging will be for WFSM members only, but their posts will be viewable by the public.  This is part of WFSM's social media outreach initiative.  With these blogs, WFSM hopes to promote the hobby both locally, and worldwide. Overall, our hope is that the new website will be a place you regularly visit.


Just Another Reason...(WFSM Launches New Site)

Thanks to Chris Bumgarner for his tireless efforts in upgrading the WFSM to the Drupal platform over the past several weeks. Just another reason he's the IPMS/USA Region IV Webmaster of The Year!