Thoughts Regarding IPMS/USA Membership

It's safe to assume most folks reading this entry have realized the benefits of belonging to a local modeling club, and see value in that membership.  Local clubs provide a unique face-to-face environment where modelers can learn from and share with others, show off their work, stretch their skills in a safe environment, and build friendships with others having similar interests.

Equally important and beneficial are larger national and international organizations which provide the framework and infrastructure to make many of the local clubs effective in their missions.  Wright Field Scale Modelers is aligned with two such organizations:  The International Plastic Modelers Society - United States Branch (IPMS/USA) and the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society (AMPS).  From our inception in 2010, we have been a chartered chapter of IPMS/USA, and in 2013 we enhanced our foundation to include affiliation with AMPS.

Of specific interest in this post is individual membership with IPMS/USA.  Following is a description of the benefits of individual membership:

IPMS/USA is dedicated to the hobby (and fun) of Scale Modeling. It was started by Jim Sage, of Dallas, Texas, in 1964. There are now branches of IPMS all over the world. Our Local Regions and Chapters sponsor Model shows and contests every year, but you needn't be a member to visit the shows or attend the club meetings!

With IPMS/USA Membership, you will receive the outstanding IPMS/USA Journal six times a year - it includes features on all modeling subjects such as aircraft, armor, automotive, ships, figures - you name it! You will also find listings of IPMS contests, swap meets, hints and tips, and reviews.

Membership also qualifies you to participate in IPMS/USA sanctioned contests, and particularly in our World-famous National Convention, held each summer. As a member, you'll also be able to access our online Discussion Board, where a wide variety of modeling topics are discussed, and enjoy interaction with other serious modelers for help with questions about modeling techniques or the Society in general. Many Hobby Shops and Model Vendors around the USA offer discounts to IPMS/USA Members.

Please consider membership with IPMS/USA -- either as a new member or renewal.  Online membership enrollment/renewal can be found at the IPMS/USA Webstore.

Dave Koukol
President, Wright Field Scale Modelers
IPMS/USA Region IV Coordinator