Repeat Honors for Our WFSM Webmaster, Chris Bumgarner

Ladies and Gentlemen, he did it again!  For the second consecutive year, Chris Bumgarner was named the IPMS/USA Ralph Forehand Webmaster of the Year for 2014 at the IPMS/USA 2015 National Convention in Columubs, OH, last night.  We're proud of Chris and his accomplishments and are grateful for his tireless support of our chapter's websites with his exceptional webmastering skills.  Congratulations, Chris!

Here's a look at the nomination presented to IPMS/USA:

On behalf of IPMS/Wright Field Scale Modelers (WFSM), we the WFSM Executive Board proudly nominate the WFSM Website ( and its Webmaster, Chris Bumgarner...for the Ralph Forehand Webmaster of the Year Award for the period of January 1 – December 31, 2014.

Since assuming the duties of Chapter Webmaster, Chris has maintained the WFSM website to the highest standards and spirit of IPMS/USA, embodying the motto “By Modelers – For Modelers,” and was recognized as the 2013 IPMS/USA Ralph Forehand Webmaster of the Year.

In 2014, Chris took the website to a new level by converting it from static HTML format to the Drupal content management system. Conversion to Drupal, among other things, has allowed other designated chapter members to add and manage site content – thus relieving the webmaster of “copy/paste/format” duties and has facilitating expanded content (like a Modeler’s Blog) and timely posting of updated event, meeting, and product review information as it is discovered or created by the content owners within the chapter.
He has maintained the site’s clean and intuitive layout and has enhanced navigation of the chapter’s main site and its annual contest subweb to ensure “user friendliness” and to improve search engine rankings. All current and relevant data is available either on or directly from the site’s homepage.

Support for IPMS/USA is prominent on the web’s homepage, with multiple links to the IPMS/USA website. Additional links back to the IPMS/USA website can also be found on other pages, including the site’s membership page, with links to join WFSM via PayPal and IPMS/USA via the IPMS/USA webstore.

Please feel free to visit and poke around for yourself!

Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully Submitted,

IPMS/Wright Field Scale Modelers Executive Board
Paul Helfrich, President
Dave Koukol, Vice-President
Anthony Tvaryanas, Secretary
James Caldwell, Treasurer