“Open” Judging Coming to IPMS/USA Region IV 2016 Convention

“Open” judging is coming to Region IV for its 2016 Convention in Dayton next April.

Repeat Honors for Our WFSM Webmaster, Chris Bumgarner

Ladies and Gentlemen, he did it again!  For the second consecutive year, Chris Bumgarner was named the IPMS/USA Ralph Forehand Webmaster of the Year for 2014 at the IPMS/USA 2015 National Convention in Columubs, OH, last night.  We're proud of Chris and his accomplishments and are grateful for his tireless support of our chapter's websites with his exceptional webmastering skills.  Congratulations, Chris!

Here's a look at the nomination presented to IPMS/USA:

Better Modeling Through IPMS Judges' Eyes

The WFSM June 2015 Monthly Meeting featured topic was Better Modeling Through IPMS Judges' Eyes.  Whether starting out in the hobby or an old hand at it, most modelers always want to improve their skills in the hobby while still enjoying the fun and challenge of it.  As in many other areas of life, competition can be fun and also help modelers improve their skills.

WrightCon 2015 Results now available online (with pics!)

Congratulations to all the winners at WrightCon 2015! Please check out the results page, which includes a picture of each winning model. Putting together the show took a tremendous effort. Thanks to all!


WrightCon introduces on-line, paperless registration

I am pleased to announce that on-line registration is now open for WrightCon 2015!  On-line registration is paperless and fast. You just create an account at and type in your personal information and information about all of your models. You won't have to deal with downloading and printing PDF files, the printed forms will be waiting for you at the door! There is no charge to register on-line, but the regular registration fee still applies. You can choose to pay your registration fee at the door or on-line.

Scratch-building Rounded Rivets

This is just a quick overview of a technique I used to add rounded rivets to my Stephenson's Rocket. The Rocket is an early steam engine from 1829. I am building this kit as part of an online group build called Iron Rails. The Minicraft kit leaves much to be desired and will require a lot of work to fix sink marks and excess flash.

Weathering with art supplies part 2, more oils

Following part one in my weathering with art supplies, I continue with more uses for oil paints. In part 2, I'll cover streaking effects, dusting, and fading/shading.

Weathering with art supplies part 1: oil paints

Oil paints are easily the most versatile tool I have for weathering models. There is almost nothing that can't be done with them; Mike Rinaldi says so! Textured dirt/mud is about the only thing I can think of that oil paints can't do.

Weathering with art supplies: Introduction

This is the first part in a series of posts that will detail how I use art supplies when I weather my models. I'll discuss, in detail, which ones I use, how I use them, and why. This series follows a "demo" I did at our most recent club meeting. It turned out that I felt I didn't get enough opportunity to go into detail on everything I do with weathering. So I write this series so I can fill in the gaps of my live demo. In this series, I will detail how I use oil paint, pastels, and various other things.

WFSM Has The IPMS/USA Ralph Forehand Webmaster of the Year!

Because he's way too humble to toot his own horn, it's my distinct pleasure and honor to brag on WFSM's very own Chris Bumgarner -- the IPMS/USA Ralph Forehand Webmaster of the Year for calendar year 2013!  Great job, Chris!!

The announcement was made Saturday evening at the IPMS/USA National Convention Awards Ceremony in Hampton, Virginia.  Chris was selected from over a dozen finalists representing IPMS/USA's regions, and some very stiff competition.