August 2014

WFSM Has The IPMS/USA Ralph Forehand Webmaster of the Year!

Because he's way too humble to toot his own horn, it's my distinct pleasure and honor to brag on WFSM's very own Chris Bumgarner -- the IPMS/USA Ralph Forehand Webmaster of the Year for calendar year 2013!  Great job, Chris!!

The announcement was made Saturday evening at the IPMS/USA National Convention Awards Ceremony in Hampton, Virginia.  Chris was selected from over a dozen finalists representing IPMS/USA's regions, and some very stiff competition.

My First Out of Town IPMS Nationals

Some, perhaps many, of our club members travel out of town to go to and participate in model contests.  Being a certified “home body”, I had never traveled beyond Columbus to attend an IPMS Nationals.  Since the IPMS Nationals were held near Virginia Beach this year, I was able to convince myself and my wife that this location would be an excellent place to vacation and attend the show.  So for the past year, I have saved enough and planned enough that our first vacation in 6 years literally fell together.