May 2014

WFSM adds RSS Feed to website

As you may or may not know, Wright Field Scale Modelers recently re-launched their website on a new platform. I am pleased to announce that our site had added a new feature: an RSS feed.  If you are not familiar with RSS, it

WrightCon 2015 Theme Announced

Votes have been cast by WFSM membership, and the WrightCon 2015 Theme will be "Battle of Britain - 75th Anniversary," just edging out "Cold War" from among 13 total theme nominations.

Break out the Spits, Hurricanes, -109's, -110's, Stukas, -117's, and -111''s going to be a jolly good show, old boys!

Mummy Monster Machines

One of the interesting backwaters of the styrene model world is the "monster rod," the love child of two modeling crazes of the 60s: far-out  Tom Daniels style hot rods, and all things monsters. Aurora had a line based on the Universal monsters, including "Frankenstein's Flivver," "Wolfman's Wagon," "Dracula's Dragster," and the "Mummy's Chariot," and AMT had a few others including the "Mummy Machine" and the skull-topped "Creepy T."   Related to these were TV tie-ins like the "Munsters Koach" (which actually did appear on the Munsters) and Barnabas Collins's Vampir

My rusty pickup

I recently finished this rusty pickup. I started it when I was in college but it became a shelf queen. WFSM did a shelf queen group build and contest. I didn't finish it in time for the contest, but it is finished. I'll describe the techniques below the pictures, but I don't have any WIP pictures. This is AMT/ERTL's 1950 Chevy Pick Up kit in 1/25 scale. I was inspired to finish this as a beater by my neighbor, who has a 1970s chevy pickup that is sitting in his driveway.

WFSM Launches New Site

WFSM is pleased to announced that its website has been revamped.  While it may not look very different from the original, many new features have been added to make it easier to update and add new content.  The site has moved from static html files to a Content Management System, which will allow the site administrators to manage the site through a web interface (without having to install special software). This will also allow WFSM members to post their own content through the same web interface.